Shingles System

Aallianz Shingles System


Aallianz - Shingles system offer decisive economic advantages in facade roof design. Roof elements are laid simply by hanging them and interlocking them with each other. Same applies to roof except that minimum roof pitch is 15°.



The shingles have a 180° border on all sides. The border of the top and left-hand sides is folded forward while the bottom and right-hand sides have a downstand. The individual elements are laid from left to right. All folds and notches are automatically pre-processed in the factory.


At the edges, all the usual processing techniques such as beveling, folding and bending can be used. This ensures that the corners of buildings and connections to other constructional elements such as windows doors are completely weatherproof.


With this type of system, a substantially larger surface is visible. They are available in various size up to a width of 600 mm and a horizontal length of 300 mm. 










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