Aallianz - Flat Seam is a high quality lightweight engineered standing seam roof for use as fully supported roofing and wall cladding
in curved, pitched and tapered condition. Aallianz - Flat Seam profile offers qualities of economy and durability. It also offers:

Waterproof - Superb waterproofing for areas with high rainfall intensity and can be designed to withstand high wind load conditions.

Discreet - At 25 - 32 mm, the specially designed height of the flat seam contributes to the modernity, lightness and regularity of the roofing in its architectural function; particularly when used on more complex shapes, giving them a distinctive "high-class" appearance.

Aallianz Flat Seam
offers multiple design options in :

• Light Sheets
• Straight sheets with optional stiffening rib in the pan
• Smooth curved sheets without crimped marks
• Tapered sheets
• Tapered curved sheets